Arona's Colorful World

Skills and tools used:
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Demibooks Composer Pro


The Story

Arona's Colorful World is a labor of love that has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I wanted to take this opportunity to create a coloring story that would teach youngsters about color theory, hoping to inspire in them the same love for art that I developed when I was younger. I came up with the idea to follow the main character as the color left her world, and she had to find it within herself to set all of the colors back to normal.


The Illustration Style

For these illustrations, I decided to try shapes outlined in think tapered strokes, filled with a tropical color palette with flat shading. I was also interested in topping them off with a watercolor texture in order to emphasize the painterly aspects of the story.
  • I traced low-fi sketches I made with black tapered outlines.

  • Below the outlines I created a layer of colors with flat shadows.

  • I added a top layer of watercolor texture to finish off the style.


Putting it all together

After creating the assets, I imported them into an app called Demibooks Composer Pro, which I used to incorporate physics, animations, and conditional behaviors on the pages.


Submitting to the App Store

Arona's Colorful World was accepted to the App Store in July 2014. Part of every purchase goes directly to KnowledgeBeat - educate children, transform communities.
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