Clover Register Redesign

Skills and tools used:
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InVision


The Goal

Redesign the existing Register app according to the updated app style guide for Clover Flex, Clover Mobile, Clover Mini, and Clover Station devices, while also making UX/UI improvements and adjusting the design to fit a new, more accessible pricing plan with fewer features at a lower subscription price (Register Lite).


The Problem

As the needs for Register grew, the existing Register app was starting to get bloated with too many action buttons. Additionally, there were some UX flows that needed optimization, so there was an opportunity to audit existing flows and find where improvements could be made.


Designing the Flows

With the presence of several different settings, 2 pricing plans, and 3 screen sizes to design for, it was important to stay organized and account for all states and use cases.


Prototyping with Invision

Prototyping with Invision made it easy to share user flows internally with the product team and discuss parts of the flows to iterate on. Once the designs had been ironed out, a polished version of the prototype was to be presented to merchants for user-testing.


User Testing Register Lite

With the help of our UX researcher, we found a small sample size of about 5 new merchants to test an invision prototype of Register Lite. We were able to identify some clear recurring pain points that they experienced in the design, which were addressed in later design iterations. Luckily, the participants did find value in the product, validating the business goal that adding a new subscription plan was necessary.


FEATURES INCLUDE: Basic inventory & order management
Item level taxes & discounts
Connect a handheld barcode scanner
Enhanced inventory & order management, such as item modifiers
Connect a weight scale
Item level variants and costs


FEATURES INCLUDE: Basic inventory & order management
Item level taxes & discounts
Connect a handheld barcode scanner


User Testing Register

With the help of our UX researcher, we also tested a small sample size of existing merchants to test the new Register design on a Clover Station device. To our delight, many of the redesigned flows were easy for them to figure out, but one of the bigger design changes included moving many once-visible buttons to different overflow menus. This initially confused our users, so we found that it might be necessary to create an on-boarding animation to make these changes known once the redesign was released.


The Solution

Onboarding animation to retrain
existing merchants

Simplified flows and hidden features
for new merchants on Register Lite

Actions organized into overflow menus and
general UX improvements throughout the flow

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